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The Ceiling Cleaning Company

Business is Always Looking Up! MI,OH,IN,KY,TN,NC and GA
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Why is The Ceiling Cleaning Company" the best in the business? Because We Care about our customers !
Here's a few facts-
#1-In business over 15 years
#2-80 percent of our business is repeat---how is a number like that possible? --Because we do the job right- the first time- everytime! We call it the HS Factor- call to ask what that means!
#3-Before we leave, the counter tops are wiped down, and the floor gets mopped. We go the extra 2 miles!
#4 We use only Ceiltech products for a great job everytime!
#5 We work after your business closes for the day, when you come in the next morning- the only difference you will see is a very clean, bright, ceiling.
#6-Very Affordable
Look at the cost comparison:

Replacement Cost


1.10-8.50 sq. ft

Highest Cost

A lot of Dust and Debris

Added Disposal Cost


Business Interruption

“Very Messy”



.50-1.10 sq.ft.

High Cost

Leaves Odor for weeks

Eliminates Acoustical Values

Destroys Fire Rating

“Also Very Messy”



.20-.40 sq.ft

Most Cost Effective Method- (It’s Cheap!)

Improves Lighting

Removes Odor

Kills Germs

Improves Acoustics

Restores Fire Rating

No Business Interruption

No Mess

Cleans all Surfaces- (Vents, Speaker Covers, Diffusers, )

The Ceiling Cleaning Company
23554 Demley Drive
Clinton Township, MI  48035
586-790-6209  cell 586-822-1917